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Marriage Proposal Ideas Page 9

32. Have a special message or ring inside a birthday gift or a balloon.

Here you can make her birthday even more special by hiding a ring in a gift or a balloon (not too hard to do). You could also do something clever with balloons like hide lots of little hints and messages in a bunch of them and have her pop them!

Him: I'd try to personalize this marriage proposal a bit, but it doesn't sound too hard to do.

Her: I love the balloon idea, especially the one with hints all over and popping a bunch of them. I'd just be sure not to make it too plain or simple.

33. Have a special marriage proposal message or ring in a Valentine's Day candy box.

This is a lot like the other previous ones, so I'm sure you get the picture. But with this one, you can even find heart-shaped ring boxes or customized candy wrappers (try Google or Ebay).

Him: Valentine's Day always seems to set the mood right, but then again, it is a pretty typical day to propose...

Her: I like the many ways that this marriage proposal idea can be customized and how it could so easily be personalized. It would be so cute to have a bunch of sweet nothings written on customized candy only to eventually come across a ring wrapped up in a candy wrapper!

34. Propose on a cruise and get the captain and crew involved.

Cruises are always great vacations if you have the money, and their captains and crew are always willing to please their customers by going the extra mile - especially for marriage proposals. You could get the captain to announce something on the loudspeaker, or you could just tell the crew to see if they could do any special accommodations. You could even rent a small boat to go near shore and propose there and then have the crew set up something special back on the ship for the two of you! The ideas are limitless here.

Him: If you had the extra money for a cruise, that would definitely set the scene!

Her: Just knowing that your man went the extra mile to set something like this up would make you fall in love with him all over again!

35. Propose out on a public square and hire a guy to play "your" song or another favorite song.

You could hire a guy (could even be someone who normally plays on a street corner for cheap) to play your special song and make sure your loved one and you "just happen" to be around at that time to set the mood right. A romantic song under the moonlight might be a perfect setting for you to propose.

Him: Clever marriage proposal idea, and I bet you could easily find someone to play your song for a $20 to $50 tip!

Her: With this proposal idea, the setting would be where you'd have to make sure that it was a good one (under the moonlight, near a lake, etc.).

36. Write your marriage proposal on a frosted window.

This might only work for those of you living in a colder climate or during Winter, but if you had a romantic evening planned and then ended it somehow with her coming across a message on a window (doesn't even have to be at your home - be creative!), it would definitely be a surprise.

Him: I can't really see how this one would be a good proposal idea unless you had it at a perfect location.

Her: At home might be a little bland, but there's definitely room to be creative here and make this marriage proposal idea not so plain.

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