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Marriage Proposal Ideas Page 15

57. Ask at the end of a corn maze (have owners set up a small table and champagne).

With this idea, you and your loved one could go on a huge corn maze together and you could have something set up at the end (a picnic perhaps?) and then at the very end, you could propose and say something about going through life together and finding your way together with each other just like the corn maze.

Him: It sounds like it could be a good idea, but I'd try to make the ending "extra" special somehow - go all out with the picnic with champagne and the likes.

Her: Although this is a fun idea, I'd agree that the ending would have to be extra special, or maybe even hide things throughout the maze related to the two of you (either notes or little memories ... something extra special). With this last thing, it would be a MUCH better idea and much more personalized and special.

58. Propose in a haunted house (the ones around Halloween) and have some of the characters in on it.

With this idea, you could have some of the characters at a haunted house in on your scheme (maybe give them a small tip for their help), and you could have them "capture" your loved one and bring her to a separate room where you'd be dressed up (be creative) and waiting for her. You could pretend to be Count Dracula and forcing your bride's hand in marriage as a joke.

Him: Hah, not exactly the most romantic marriage proposal, but it might fit with some personalities.

Her: I'd agree that this is definitely something that you'd have to be sure that it fit the two of you. This would be a horrible marriage proposal idea for the wrong girl but great for the right one.

59. Make a book about the two of you and ask on the last page or hint about it (possibly saying that the next chapter depends on her or the rest of the book is to describe the rest of your lives together).

This is somewhat straight forward. You can write your "story" with her down in an actual book (you can buy a blank hardcover book from any hobby store for only a few dollars) and give it to her as a way to go over memories together. Then at the very end, leave a lot of the book blank and say that you were hoping the rest would be left to tell the story of the rest of your lives together.

Him: This sounds like a very sweet thing to do, but I think that it would be very easy to combine this one with several of the other marriage proposal ideas.

Her: I'd agree, this marriage proposal idea alone is an okay proposal idea, but combined with some of these other marriage proposal ideas or with extra twists, it could be a great one. A woman would love to have a guy take the time to write down everything and his thoughts about her the entire time - it would sure be good for a few laughs.

60. Propose at a sport stadium by having friends on the opposite end have letters on their shirt or body asking your loved one to marry you.

This is a clever one for the sports fans and a great way to get friends in on it. You could buy tickets for your friends and have them have letters on their shirts of bodies asking your loved ones hand in marriage. You could also easily get this announced during the game at half-time, as I'm sure everyone would love to see it.  This definitely isn't for the shy girl!

Him: I love this one if the two of you were into a sport.

Her: Just make sure that she's not too shy (you should know this by now), as this would be a great and VERY memorable way to propose to someone. I bet the two of you would even get on television, so be sure to have someone taping it if it's on!

61. Make a fake lottery winning ticket (tape previous numbers) and say some joke like if you two win, you'll have to get married, buy a new house, go on vacation, etc. and then when she wins and finds out it's fake, be like "oh, want to do it anyway" or say "I guess I'm already the luckiest guy around."

Him: I normally probably wouldn't like this marriage proposal idea, but something about how you could personalize what you say to her and play this one off actually makes me like it a lot.

Her: I'd agree, when I really think about this one, it sounds like a pretty easy marriage proposal idea to pull off but it could be very romantic and memorable if he says the right words. Maybe have a romantic day or dinner prior to that and end it with this as a joke!

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