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Marriage Proposal Ideas Page 12

45. Have your message written on the underside of a flying kite.

This one is fairly straight forward - have your proposal written on the underside of a flying kite. The two of you can go out for a normal picnic at the park and when you two have the kite fly off, she'll soon notice your surprise and you can be down on your knees with the ring!

Him: A clever way to turn a romantic picnic into a proposal.

Her: A very creative way indeed, but I'd be sure to make the picnic extra special (maybe an entire fun day at the beach or park?).

46. Have your proposal written on the bottom of a pool.

This might sound plain and simple at first, but be creative and see what you can do! Maybe write it on the bottom of a new pool while you take your first dive in it?

Him: Sounds a bit bland compared to others, and probably not relevant to too many people.

Her: I'd agree - unless there's something more to it or something that is just between the two of you, this might be too bland. But then again, everyone is different and maybe you could find a clever way to put this into your proposal idea.

47. Go on a hike to a place with a loud echo and just shout it out.

The two of you could always go on a nice hike together and end up at a canyon or other scenic place with an echo (or not, but the echo is an added bonus) and just shout out your love and your marriage proposal. You could be next to her, or shout it across from a distance to her. There are a lot of minor things you could do to customize this one.

Him: This would be very good if the two of you were hikers or did that sort of thing a lot. Otherwise, it might be a bit random.

Her: I'd agree with that, as I always think the best proposal is either something extremely clever and unique or something personal and relevant to the two of you.

48. Send a "care" package and ask it in the package.

This one might need a little explaining. A "care package," if you don't know, is a little package filled with goodies (like her favorite soda, candy, etc.) and love notes when your loved one is away (or even if she lives in the same town). You could ask it in one of these care packages and then show up outside of her home with the ring (or have the ring in the care package if you insure the package).

Him: This is a good idea if the two of you do things like care packages. Otherwise, it might be out of the blue.

Her: I like the whole idea of a care package even outside of a marriage proposal. If you aren't sending them already, get on it!

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