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Marriage Proposal Ideas Page 7

24. Have the proposal on candy or a hershey's kiss (on the wrapper, for instance).

There are tons of places that make personalized candy and candy wrappers (just check Ebay or do a Google search). You could incorporate this into your proposal in a variety of ways (like in a Valentine's Day box of chocolates perhaps?).

Him: I'm sure this would be an easy way not too make it too obvious, but I would definitely try to incorporate other ideas into this.

Her: I'd agree that it could be a nice way to end it, but I'd have something else planned either before or after this in addition to it.

25. Have a video you already recorded saying everything you love about them and then propose at the end of that (you could even pretend that the video is a normal tv show and not a video).

You could put together a special video with pictures or smaller videos of the two of you and list all the reasons you love her and then at the very end of it, you could propose to her. You could even trick her into taping one of her favorite shows and watching it and have your "show" come on at commercial break as a joke.

Him: Sounds clever, but might be hard to have a romantic setting in it (leaves room for thought and personalization!).

Her: It would be very sweet if it was pulled off right.

26. Propose on something exciting / mildly dangerous (bungee jumping, parachuting, rollercoaster, rock climbing, rocky bridge, etc.).

It has long been known that even mildly dangerous things can get your blood flowing, heighten your senses, get a feeling of attachment to your mate, and even make you forget about anything you know that might be coming (like a proposal). At the very least, this would be a very memorable moment, as you'd always remember the fear you had followed by the excitement! You could not only propose in the middle of whatever activity you choose, but you could also do extras like have the message on the very bottom of the ground (if you were bungie jumping or parachuting) or on the top of a special area if you were doing something like rock climbing or hiking up somewhere (like a high up cliff).

Him: Sounds very exciting, and I'm sure you both would remember it.

Her: This sounds like a great way to have something the two of you would always remember, and the conflicting feelings of fear and love would be a burst of emotions that would be very memorable.

27. Create a DVD of memories and pictures and then propose at the end of it.

With this idea, you can create a DVD of pictures of the two of you. There are several computer programs (for both pc and macs) that can do this really easily (just drag and drop photos, and then select songs for the background music for a slideshow). Macs bought within the last few years or so come with "iMovie" and "iDVD" for free, but there are several other programs out there (you could even have a professional do it if you didn't have the software or the know-how). You can be very creative with this one and customize it however you want. Then when it's all over, you can save the DVD and it will be a great memory (not to mention a great way to save old memories of the two of you)!

Him: If you have the software and the know-how, this is a great idea. Even just for a gift, it would show a lot of love and care that went into it. If you aren't technical savvy at all (I've made these myself, and they aren't that hard at all) and have the money, you could also hire a professional to do it.

Her: This sounds like a great way to save memories! After the proposal, the bride-to-be would probably love to show it off to her friends and family and the guy would get a ton of credit and brownie points!

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