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Marriage Proposal Ideas Page 2

4. First date relived.

With this proposal idea, the one proposing would relive their first date together (same restaurant, same activities, etc.) and then finally propose at the end. This is also an easy one to combine with others, as perhaps the first restaurant on your first date could be a good way to end a completely different proposal idea you had.

Him: This sounds like a classic marriage proposal, very easy to do, and probably not too expensive. However, it could be a dead giveaway if you weren't too careful about hiding your intentions.

Her: This can be a very fun experience of reliving old memories, but I'd agree that if everything was identical and you guys were talking about marriage, it might become obvious (but that's not always bad!).

5. Find a special spot and have a rock, tree, etc. engraved.

With this marriage proposal idea, you can pick out your "special spot" (or find a romantic spot) and have a nearby tree engraved, or even make a rock or cement molding engraved (you can find these at any hobby store). The message on it can either be something like "marry me?" or something like "Tim and Susan, 2006" (or anything else clever that you can think of). When you take her to this special spot, you can place her near it so she'll look at it and when she looks back at you, you'll be down on your knees proposing.

Him: For a marriage proposal idea that doesn't require too much planning, this sounds like a keeper. Not too expensive and not too hard to do.

Her: It for sure would always make that place special to the two of you, and you'd always be able to see your stone, tree, or whatever else. This could be a great way to propose and end the evening!

6. Have your message outside of a lawn written in candles.

This is pretty self-explanatory - have your marriage proposal written using candles outside (perhaps at a gazebo, outside a house, or even just in a nice area) and wait for her to see it.

Him: Very easy to do, but might not have too much substance to it.

Her: This is an okay marriage proposal idea if something more was done to add to it. By itself, it might not be the most memorable. If you use this idea, I'd try combining it with a few of the other marriage proposal ideas listed on this site.

7. Propose at a nice vacation spot.

Take your loved one on a weekend getaway or a week-long cruise and propose to her there. You could even get the hotel or crew involved in your marriage proposal or let them know ahead of time (you'd be amazed at how they'd probably go the extra mile for you).

Him: A great way to have fun together, but might be expensive if this vacation wasn't planned or if you're on a budget.

Her: The marriage proposal would for sure start with some fun memories, but I'd be sure to add a little more personalization to make it extra special.

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