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Marriage Proposal Ideas Page 3

8. Propose at a garden or other natural site.

Find a local garden (perhaps a botanical gardens or arboretum or the like) - a quick search on the internet near your area might land a few good places. They are already beautiful and romantic.

Him: Very easy to do, and you could turn it into your special place.

Her: There are some very beautiful gardens out there, and with personalizing it only a little bit more, this could be a great idea!

9. Propose at a movie theatre.

You can make a special slideshow at pay to have it shown after a movie to surprise her. You can even invite friends along as a surprise and have them scattered throughout the theatre until the end. You can propose in person or on the screen.

Him: It might be more expensive for what it is, and I'm not sure how many women would really like this.

Her: This is one of those more risky ones where some might find it funny and romantic but some women might want something more unique.

10. Propose using a waiter with a limo to the restaurant.

With this idea, you'd get your waiter in on it and have him bring out a platter with the words "marry me?" written with food. You'd make it extra special by reserving a limo for the night before and afterwards.

Him: This sounds like one of the more classic ones. It wouldn't be too hard to get a waiter or waitress in on it, and even the limo wouldn't be too much for the night.

Her: Like with a lot of these, it sounds like a clever idea, but I'd try to add it to others or personalize it more.

11. Propose at a party/holiday in front of guests.

This is straight forward - propose in front of a group of friends, family, or guests at some type of gathering. This is definitely more for the woman who likes attention and not too shy of others.

Him: Sounds like an okay idea if you have the right person, and you can celebrate afterwards with everyone!

Her: Definitely something that is only right for some women, but hopefully you know her enough by now to know if she'd like this.

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