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Marriage Proposal Ideas Page 13

49. Rent a cage full of butterflies (or doves) and when she opens it, they'll all fly out and she'll see your proposal in the cage.

You can easily find places to buy butterflies or rent doves (check wedding sections or do a search on Yahoo or Google), and then adding a little message in the cage and setting up a romantic day shouldn't be too difficult.

Him: This sounds almost like a princess marriage proposal. I think that some women might like this, but some might like something more personal.

Her: I'd have to agree with this. If it was done right and you personalized the entire day before this in a romantic outing, this could be a fairy tale ending if all went well (but there is room for mistakes here!).

50. Plant flowers making the words "Will you marry me?" or "Marry me?" and wait for them to grow.

This is pretty straight forward and would work well if you were planting a garden or if you had a big open field. Simply plant the seeds (or flowers if you want to be reassured that they'll grow and look right) in the shape of the letters and wait for her to see it and bring up the weird "coincidence."

Him: Sounds like a hard marriage proposal idea to pull off, but this would be a good way if you didn't have a specific date in mind to propose and just wanted to see how long it took her to notice.

Her: I personally don't like this proposal idea (the seeds, at least), as you not only have to make sure that it grows right, but she might not notice it when you want her to.

51. Have a romantic walk through a local botanical garden or any other garden place (by exotic flowers and waterfalls can be very romantic).

You could search around your area for a local botanical garden or other public gardens (some are VERY beautiful) and pick out a nice place to propose there.

Him: This sounds like it might be a better marriage proposal idea if the two of you went on one of your first dates there or if the place had a little more between the two of you.

Her: Although it's a romantic setting, I'd try something a little more personal and more of the "two of you" (which could be this for some people).

52. Write the proposal in a homemade stone and put it in a remote place (like the other side of a waterfall or underwater or any scenic area).

Homemade cement/stone kits can be found at any hobby store for under $10, and they're great to make a personalized message or proposal on (like "'your name' and 'her name' 2006"). Finding the perfect location for it would be the hard part. I'd try to find a place that either the two of you frequent (such as "your" special place) or just a very beautiful area.

Him: I like this idea, as you could always go back to it.

Her: A homemade stone would be very special and memorable, but I'd be sure to take enough time to pick the perfect place!

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