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Marriage Proposal Ideas Page 4

12. Have rose petals, or candles, leading on a path to a proposal site.

You can have your loved one follow a path of petals or candles to a romantic place where you'd propose to her. This can conclude with a romantic dinner, a great view, or even combine it with a previous idea of leading her to a tree or rock where you have something engraved.

Him: A great marriage proposal idea to combine with others, and a very romantic setting.

Her: I'd have to agree that this marriage proposal idea can be added to almost anything (and guys, this isn't a bad idea for other special occasions or just for the heck of it!).

13. Propose with a Christmas, Birthday, etc. gift.

You can make the ring a gift during some holiday or a birthday. It might seem bland at first, but personalizing it a little bit can make it more special.

Him: This seems too easy.

Her: Guys should definitely do a little more than just this marriage proposal straight up. Perhaps combining it with other marriage proposal ideas would be a good idea.

14. Propose during a favorite hobby or game.

This is a fairly broad marriage proposal idea, but you can propose during a favorite game or hobby of yours (perhaps if you're on a softball league, have it written on a ball or on a plate). The ideas are endless here!

Him: This would require a lot of personalization to make it special, and not everyone would have an easy time with this proposal.

Her: If this marriage proposal idea was done the right way, this might be a good one.

15. Propose with a message in a bottle.

You can write your marriage proposal in a bottle and have her find it. This could be the classic bottle on a beach and you could point it out to her and she'd be curious to open it and see what it says, or you could even make it simpler and empty out a champagne bottle and have the message in there after a special dinner.

Him: I like the beach idea if you lived near one or vacationed there, as I think it would really be funny.

Her: It would definitely be funny to see a marriage proposal along a beach, but I wouldn't be afraid to add more to this.

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