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Marriage Proposal Ideas Page 22

86. Have a chimpanzee or other animal at the zoo hold up a sign that asks your marriage proposal (talk to the zookeeper, of course).

If you have a nice enough zookeeper or worker at your local zoo, you could try to pull something off by having the animals in on it, so to speak. How exciting would it be to see a chimp holding up a sign and then the two of you looking closely at it to see that it's a proposal?!

Him: It would definitely all depend on the type of zookeeper, as this could really be hard to pull off.

Her: For the fact that it might be hard to do, there are probably other ideas that might be better (unless the zoo was your first date or if there was something more to it).

87. Put an ad in the paper for a job opening describing your girlfriend and suggest it to her. Then when she shows up say that that job is filled but a fiance position just opened up (you could also get a friend in on it).

This about says it all. You could put an ad in the paper that completely describes the perfect position for her, and then get one of her friends in on it to make sure she goes in for the interview. Just make sure that others don't try to show up for an interview!

Him: This isn't one of my favorite marriage proposal ideas, but in the right situations and with the right people, I could see this one being good.

Her: It's clever, but I'd try to have something set up at the interview to make it extra special ... be creative!

88. Put signs up on the side of the road leading the way to a special place to propose.

With this proposal idea, you could pick out a special place to propose and along the way on your little road trip, you could have signs (either rented from a restaurant or just smaller ones put in the dirt like the garage sale signs) hinting at something happening (your choice if you want to make it more or less obvious). Then towards the end of your journey, have a final sign with both of your names on it and the date and when she's all confused, propose to her at your spot.

Him: Sounds clever, but you'd have to find a pretty good spot to make it really special.

Her: I'd agree that it all depends on what type of a place you can find. An extra long road trip would be something really hard to pull this off on as well.

89. Rent out a dinner boat for an evening dinner and ask then.

With this marriage proposal idea, you could rent out an entire dinner boat just for the two of you (or for family and friends) and ask for her hand in marriage during the sunset.

Him: I like how this proposal idea can be either private or open with lots of friends and relatives, so it should work with most women either way.

Her: The setting would definitely be romantic, and I think that this is a good one to incorporate into your proposal somehow if you like this one.

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