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Simply fill out the form on the bottom of this page and we'll search dozens of the top diamond jewelry sites for you and respond to you within 24 hours.

We have exclusive deals from several of the top jewelry sites and can always save you money on any purchase.

Click here to search some diamonds from one of our most highly recommended sites.

Or fill out the form below for us to search dozens of sites and tens of thousands of diamonds for you.

Searching for a diamond engagement ring or diamond?

We are here to help! You'll tell us what you're looking for (shape, size, etc.) and what your price range is, and we'll conduct a free search of well over 60,000 diamonds from dozens of the top diamond jewelry sites out there, and then we'll give you links to a few of the diamonds as well as our opinion on each one. We search for GIA certified (the best certification out there) diamonds so that you know what you are buying. We can even call the seller for you to ask the most important questions!

Why should I buy online or go through you?

Although seeing a diamond in person is always great, the fact is that online sellers often have much better deals and they often carry higher quality diamonds. We make buying online easy by doing all the hard work for you. We'll search our database that consists of diamonds from only the top, most respected diamond/jewelry websites. We only have ones that are honest, have high quality diamonds, great prices, and good return policies, and you'll get links to them to check them out (along with the diamond) before you make a purchase. Remember that we don't sell diamonds ourselves, we simply search a huge database of all the top diamond jewelry sites out there for you and use our extensive knowledge of diamonds to find the best deals on high quality diamonds. We've never had someone that we didn't save at least a few hundred for (although typically it's a savings of several thousand dollars -- even if they did extensive searches online).

Even if you already found a diamond or a ring online, you can still mention it to us, as we can often either offer direct discounts to you through various sites, or we can usually negotiate a cheaper price for you (still at no cost to you).

How we do it

It's actually quite simple. We do the searches for free, as several of the sites we search in our database pay us a small percent fee for each person who eventually buys a diamond from them. We not only can search for the lowest price among specific high quality diamonds (the best of the best -- and only GIA or comparable certified diamonds, so you can rest assured you're not being scammed), but we are also allowed to often give additional discounts of anywhere from $100 to over $500 off. When you add that on with the low prices we find of typically several thousand less than you can expect to pay elsewhere, it's not hard to save half off or more of what you'd normally expect to pay. We've saved people anywhere from a few hundred to several thousands of dollars, but we always save them money. Give us a try -- it's free, and you have nothing to lose.

Simply e-mail us at or use the form below to request a free diamond search or to ask for more information! Feel free to ask any diamond related questions as well.

You can also enter your name and e-mail to join our mailing list and automatically some free guides and advice. You will also be notified right when new promotions become available here. We will never sell your e-mail.

"I couldn't believe how gorgeous this diamond looked compared to ones that I looked at already at local jewelry stores. Not only did it look 1000 times better, but it was also over $2,000 less!"

-Julie Haberman, WI

"Wow! Thanks for saving me so much money and helping me getting a better diamond for $900 less than the lesser one I was already looking at!"

-Tim, PA

"I was impressed with your free service. I have bought several diamonds in the past and have been scammed out a lot of money before. I was shocked when you found a better quality stone for over $20,000 less than what I was about to pay. Thank you so much for all of your help and advice. The stone is truly amazing and your service was excellent."


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