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This is our links page, and it contains links to several sites that we suggest you check out. If you are a webmaster looking to exchange links, feel free to contact us. -- This is our website on marriage proposal ideas and diamond ring buying tips and services. -- This is one of our older websites on marriage proposal ideas (we've moved most of the things to this new site).

1000 Questions for Couples -- This ebook has 1,000 questions for couples that you can ask one another. We highly recommend this ebook, as it is an easy way to not only get closer to your significant other, but to ask and find out those hard questions. Even if you are already married, there are hundreds of relevant questions to ask.

MGC's Custom Marriage Proposal Puzzles -- Hand crafted, custom made marriage proposal puzzles using your personal photograph or a romantic art print. A creative and sybmbolic way to tell your sweetheart that they are the last piece (with the proposal on it) that completes you!

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