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Honeymoon Tips

Below are a few tips to save hundreds to thousands on your honeymoon. We hope that you look into some of these. If you haven't proposed yet, why not also check out our free marriage proposal ideas (there are over 100).

1. If you're flexible or unsure of your honeymoon plans, you can always wait a little bit and see if there are any "last minute" deals that pop up a few months prior. There are always deals available, and you can save over 50% of what you'd normally pay if you can wait it out a bit or if you can be a bit flexible.

2. Try traveling during the off-season to save money. During most off-seasons, hotels and activities can be up to 50% or more off. For instance, the off season for most tropical islands is the summer (but it's the on season for cruise ships going there). If you stay on an island, travel there during the summer (June is probably the best, but July and August work too), but if you go on a cruise, go before mid-May to save a lot on your cruise costs (the only other time cruises are in season other than summer is around Christmas and New Years). Most islands (like the Caribbean) are usually at a constant temperature (plus or minus 5 degrees depending on the season), and there's not much of a difference between the on and off season other than what you pay.

3. Be flexible with your plane times and dates. The difference between a few hours on your departure time can mean the difference between a couple hundred dollars! Be a little flexible, and you'll be able to find some very nice deals.

4. If you're traveling far away (to an island or another country), try to find a way to ask the locals there for their opinions on the best places to stay and the best attractions to go to. Searching for a message board online is a good start. Often times, you can find local hotels (which can be just as nice if not often nicer than popular hotel chains) that are very cheap, but they won't be advertised anywhere.

5. Search around for deals on hotels. You can often find free nights (for instance, stay 4 nights and get the 5th free) included with some packages.

6. Do some research into all-inclusive hotels and resorts. Even though they are usually more expensive than normal hotels, try to add up what your costs for food and the like would be if you stayed at a normal hotel and compare prices. Often, you might find that an all-inclusive resort might actually save you quite a bit. If you go this route, however, you have to realize that you'll only save money on food if you don't go out to eat every night at another restaurant in town.

7. When you go to your hotel, or even on your plane, be sure to let as many of the workers as possible know that it's your honeymoon. Hotels and airlines will often give you free upgrades among other things for such occasions, and it never hurts to make your recent marriage known.

8. Spend a few nights in and just relax and make your own dinner or lunch at the hotel. If you buy just a few groceries instead of going out every single night, you can save a couple hundred alone.

9. If you're REALLY flexible in your travel dates, you can wait even longer (anywhere from a month and a half prior to a week or two prior) and grab some really good airline and hotel steals. It's not uncommon to grab trips at 75% or more off of what you'd normally pay. It's more cost effective for an airline, hotel, or cruise to have someone staying there for practically free than it is for them to keep the place empty (in hopes that you'll spend your money on other things through them). On the reverse note, you can sometimes even look for deals way ahead of time, but the last minute deals are often the best (but this only works for people who can do this, obviously).

10. Use free hotel certificates/vouchers that can be found everywhere throughout the internet. Usually there is a small $10 to $15 fee plus hotel taxes ($6 to $12 per night total usually), but it could be a great way to save a little on the first few nights (you can always book additional nights ahead of time).

So just remember to try to be as flexible as possible and keep your eyes out for some great deals. Also remember to look into the off-season to save a ton of extra money.

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