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Some deals from jewelry / diamond sites...

Contact us using the form on this page to save an additional $25 to $100 or more on top of any deal you already see!

Below you will find some good places to look for jewelry or diamond engagement rings. Several of these places offer discounts for clicking on the provided link. We also have several unadvertised promotional deals exclusively through us, which we can only provide you through e-mail if you fill out the form below.

And remember to check out our free diamond search to find the highest quality diamonds at the cheapest prices from dozens of the top diamond / jewelry websites, as well as obtain even more discounts on your purchases -- or if you even just want some free advice on current diamonds you are looking at.

Please fill in the information below to get several specific deals sent to you for sites you are interested in (including several that are exclusively through us). We will personally e-mail you back within a matter of hours usually.

Also go here to sign up for our free mailing list and get the latest diamond promotions e-mailed to you, as well as some free proposal and romantic ideas guides as our gift to you.

If you don't see a deal for the site you're interested in, remember to just e-mail us or use the form so we can provide you with several exclusive offers.

Blue Nile -- Save an extra $25 to $200 by contacting us before making your purchase and letting us know the item number so that we can quote you a savings and provide more details. Blue Nile has some of the best deals on high quality diamonds that we've seen. They don't deal with poor quality diamonds at all. They offer good 30 day return policies, and you can select the exact diamond you want (you can also do preset rings as well) and either have the loose diamond shipped to you or purchase a setting from them and have them set it as well. They always have free shipping. Contact us to learn how to save $25 to $200 or more off Blue Nile only through us on top of any current coupon we have here!

Mondera: $100 off on Loose Diamonds over $2,750 -- Save $100 on your loose diamond with a purchase of $2,750 or more with their design your own ring feature. You must click the link, hit okay, and enter the code that will pop-up at checkout to get this deal. You can take advantage of additional savings of $25 to $200+ on top of this by contacting us at or using the contact us link at the bottom as well. Mondera is also a respected diamond jewelry website, and they also offer free shipping and at least 30 day returns.

Or use this for non-diamond purchases: Mondera: 10% off everything else. - Save 20% + Free shipping when you click this link -- is another great place to shop for your diamond engagement ring and other diamond jewelry. This deal is for 20% off everything (except loose diamonds and engagement rings) and you only need to click the link above for it to automatically deduct 20%. Similar to Blue Nile and Mondera, they also offer a build your own ring, tons of loose diamonds, GIA certified diamonds, 30 day returns, and free shipping. along with Mondera and Blue Nile are great sites for shopping for diamonds, as they all have GIA certified diamonds (the best diamond certification possible, so you know what you are really buying). They have very competitive pricings on high quality diamonds (I suggest that you try to restrict your searches to SI2 diamonds or better when looking for an engagement ring). - Save 20% + Free shipping when you click this link -- is another common jewelry site. This deal is for 20% off any purchase (excluding diamonds, engagement rings, and diamond studs) and is good through the rest of 2006. You only need to click the link above for this discount to automatically apply. has a lot of unique jewelry and several great gift ideas (from really cheap to more expensive). They offer free FedEx shipping and 30 day returns as well. Get 10% off and free shipping -- offers quality, unique, handcrafted wedding bands and wedding jewelry. Click this link above or enter the promotional code MARRIAGE to save 10% on your order and get free shipping. offers several unique and handcrafted designs that some of the other sites often don't have.

Diamonds International: Save $200 Click this link and Enter Code WEB200 -- Save $200 with a purchase over $2,000. Diamonds International also has a 30 day return policy, and they often have deals on some of their less expensive jewelry as well. Some of their engagement rings also have some unique designs that makes them worth a look. -- Zales has some very unique designs and often have several specials. They have the normal 30 day return policy as well. They sometimes have deals like 10% off, and we can notify you of when that happens if you sign up using the form above.

Remember, if you don't see a particular jewelry store/site here, you can always e-mail us or use the form towards the top of this page, as we have dozens more in our database (we only show a select few) and we often can get additional savings.

Feel free to also contact me (Brian) via my cell phone at 608-516-2970 for quick assistance as well.

"Wow! Thanks for saving me so much money and helping me getting a better diamond for $900 less than the lesser one I was already looking at!"

-Tim, PA

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