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Already found a diamond or engagement ring online that you like?

We are here to help! Before you make your purchase, try contacting us at and let us know the diamond/jewelry website you are buying from and the product ID number. We can often offer you additional discounts and savings for dozens of the top sites out there, and sometimes we can even negotiate a cheaper price for you. We can even give you our expert advice on if we think the diamond(s) you selected are a good deal or what recommendations or changes we'd do. All of this is a free service and costs you nothing.

What if I haven't found a diamond yet?

Even better! If you haven't found a diamond or a ring yet, let us help you. We search our databases of well over 60,000 diamonds from dozens of the top diamond/jewelry sites out there to find you the highest quality diamonds at the cheapest prices. We don't even deal with shady sites or diamonds that might not be what they claim to be. All the diamonds we search are either GIA certified or comparable (the best grading standards out there). Read more about our free diamond search.

How we do it

It's actually quite simple. We do the searches for free, as several of the sites we search in our database pay us a small percent fee for each person who eventually buys a diamond from them. We not only can search for the lowest price among specific high quality diamonds (the best of the best -- and only certified diamonds, so you can rest assured you're not being scammed), but we are also allowed to often give additional discounts of anywhere from $100 to over $500 off. When you add that on with the low prices we find, it's not hard to save even a few thousand. We've saved people anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand, but we always save them money. Give us a try -- it's free, and you have nothing to lose. Even if you already found the diamond you want, let us know about it and we can try to save you even more off of the same diamond or ring!

Simply e-mail us at or use the contact form below to e-mail us for more information! Feel free to ask any diamond related questions as well. If you don't have your diamond or ring selected yet, use the form on the bottom of our free diamond search page to contact us. If you already have it picked up or need to contact us for any other reason, use the form below.

Or get diamond tips and more information about our free diamond search by entering your name and e-mail below:

"Wow! Thanks for saving me so much money and helping me getting a better diamond for $900 less than the lesser one I was already looking at!"

-Tim, PA

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