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Marriage Proposal Ideas Page 25

98. Have your proposal message written with fireworks.

There are lots of firework companies that make custom fireworks and could easily do something to have your proposal written out (the letters could have twirling flames or sparks or pretty much whatever you want). You could even set up a tiny firework show for a birthday or some other event. These firework displays are very reasonable too. An entire 10 minute show you can get for probably $1,000, but just the sparkling or flaming sign asking her to marry you might only cost a couple hundred.

Him: If someone had the money, I like the whole firework display idea. You could even plan a romantic evening with just the two of you and then have a private firework show just for the heck of it and wait for her to see your proposal.

Her: I kind of like this idea, especially when you could do an entire show for not too much money. Either with friends and family would be a blast.

99. Have your proposal written in chalk on the driveway when she leaves and have a special getaway planned right then.

With this marriage proposal idea, you could have your marriage proposal or any other message written in chalk on the driveway (or anywhere else) and instead of her leaving for work, you can surprise her with a little getaway for just the two of you.

Him: It seems a bit risky if she misses your sign, and if you try pointing it out to her, it might take away from the surprise and fun.

Her: I think it's a bit too risky if she misses it, so I'd stick to another idea unless you find a way to make it work better.

100. Ask your proposal message in alphabet cereal or other alphabet food.

This one might seem a little plain and simple, but some people might laugh at a proposal written out in cereal or soup. Imagine your girlfriend saying, "hun, that's odd, my soup says 'marry me'" and then waiting for her to catch on.

Him: Cute, but I'd try to do more with it.

Her: In most cases with this, you probably wouldn't be dressed up or in any type of a romantic mood, so I'd be careful with this one (it would make for a cute story, though).

101. Make a bet with her on something and say that if you win, she has to give you anything you want (she'll probably think it's sexual at first). Then after you win (somehow make sure you don't lose this one), ask her to marry you.

Here you can think of some type of a bet (be extra creative) and say that she has to do anything you want if you win. Then after you guarantee yourself a win and actually win, you can say something like "well, all I really want is to spend the rest of my life with you" and then totally shock her.

Him: Clever marriage proposal idea, but this one could make or break a perfect marriage proposal depending upon how it was set up or what you were betting over.

Her: I'd agree that you'd have to really think hard about what you could do here, but that this could be a good one if done well.

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