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Marriage Proposal Ideas Page 8

28. Have a marriage proposal message on a new puppy's / kitten's collar.

If you two are planning on getting a puppy or kitten together, this is a clever way to propose. You could have a marriage proposal engraved on the collar (you can do this at any engraving store or even machines at some stores that do this for a few bucks). That way when she's surprised and excited for the new puppy/kitten, she'll be even more surprised when she reads the collar to find out its name only to find out that it's a proposal!

Him: Cute marriage proposal idea, but I'd only do it if the two of you were talking about getting a pet.

Her: This would be a clever Christmas/Birthday gift. It for sure would be exciting, but I'd also make sure that she wants a kitten or puppy first!

29. Have a marriage proposal message in a baby's hands on a note if you have a kid together.

If the two of you have a kid together, especially a little one, you could have the baby hold a little note for a special surprise/proposal.

Him: I don't like this marriage proposal idea a ton, but if it was relevant and you could somehow have an inside joke with it, it might work.

Her: I'd opt for something more between the two of you, but it might work for some people.

30. Have a special message or ring inside an Easter egg in an Easter basket.

This marriage proposal idea is fairly straight forward. If you plan on proposing around Easter, it might be a cute idea to slip a proposal note (or even an engagement ring) in a plastic Easter egg and put it in among other Easter eggs with candy and the like. It for sure would be a shock!

Him: I like the ring in the egg proposal idea, but Easter might not be the best day to propose for most people.

Her: Clever, but I don't think it would be the right mood for most people (unless you met or something else happened around Easter, then great!).

31. Have a special message or ring inside a Christmas ornament or gift.

This is very similar to the previous proposal idea, but instead put the ring or message inside a Christmas ornament or gift. Christmas time can already set people in a cozy, romantic mood, so why not take advantage of it?!

Him: I like the feeling of Christmas (or that time of year for that matter), but I'd try to incorporate this into more (perhaps the scavenger hunt marriage proposal idea starting with a Christmas gift?).

Her: I'd agree that most people love this time of year, but I'd also agree that a little more should be done to make it even more of a special marriage proposal.

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