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Marriage Proposal Ideas Page 1

Read our Marriage Proposal Ideas Advice before reading over 100 Marriage Proposal Ideas here.

1. Scavenger hunt of memories.

The one proposing can send their loved one on a scavenger hunt of old memories and end up at a place where they would propose. You can even have little clues/notes at each point along the scavenger hunt (perhaps have a note or clue in a little heart shaped box or wrapped up in a small gift). For instance, you can start at the place where you guys met, then go to a place where you went on your first date (you can even eat there if it's a restaurant), go to your "special" place, etc. and then after several of those you can end up at a place where you will propose to her. It's especially a lot of fun when you have clues and they have to guess where the next location is and then try to find your next clue hidden somewhere. This is also a very easy idea to combine with other ideas here, as well as a very easy one to personalize!

Him: This is a fun marriage proposal idea that is easy to make your own. It can be very inexpensive (under $25 in most cases), yet it can bring up a lot of old memories that are special. It's easy to make a day (and night) out of it. It does, however, require a lot of thinking ahead and planning. Besides picking the locations out, you also have to go to each location, hide the clues in a place where they won't be accidentally taken, etc.

Her: This is probably my favorite marriage proposal idea, and although it's inexpensive, the time and thought that has to be put into it is what makes it so memorable. Other women would die if they heard a guy setting this one up!

2. Have a rowboat on the side of a trail and row to a remote area with candles and a picnic basket.

With this idea, you can take your loved one on a special trail/walk and have a rowboat (or any boat for that matter) set up along the side. You then take her into it along with a picnic basket and row to a location somewhere near where you'll already have candles (unlit at the moment) set up where you guys can enjoy a nice picnic and look up at the stars if it's in the evening. You can even blindfold her while you light the candles!

Him: This doesn't require too much planning, but the boat might be hard to come by unless you own one. You can check into rentals or even buy a cheap inflatable one, but that wouldn't look as nice as a normal one. Check around and see what you can do.

Her: If a guy can pull this one off, it would be very romantic. However, I would personally opt to try to personalize it somehow for her to make it even more special.

3. Propose with a Chinese fortune cookie.

This one is pretty self-explanatory. You hide a "will you marry me?" fortune (or even a pretend fortune of some other kind) inside of a fortune cookie that you give to your loved one. You can have a special Chinese dinner before with this. There are several websites that you can buy customized fortune cookies very cheap.

Him: This is easy to do, but not too sure if it would be special.

Her: This would be okay to do if it was combined with something else, but unless there's special meaning with all of this, most girls probably wouldn't find it too special all by itself (doesn't mean some wouldn't, though).

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"What terrific proposal ideas you had! Your ideas and advice really helped me to create the perfect proposal!"

- David, NV

"A great guide for brides-to-be!"

-Cheryl, AZ

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