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Marriage Proposal Ideas Page 20

78. Talk to the dolphin/whale instructors at a place like seaworld and have your girlfriend be selected to play with the dolphins and right after, pop the question in front of everyone (the instructor could get the dolphins to nod yes and splash the two of you).

That pretty much says it all. It would take a lot of planning and talking to others to do, but I'm sure a place would love the extra attention of this and be willing to help.

Him: If she's not too shy, this would definitely be a VERY memorable marriage proposal and a lot of fun for the both of you at the same time.

Her: Definitely for more of the fun-at-heart and not the really shy type, but the two of you would talk about this for years to come!

79. Get a news radio ad to ask your marriage proposal if you know she's listening (have her friend call to make sure) and go over all the reasons why you love her.

If you had the money, you could buy a radio station ad and pop the question there with all the reasons why you love her. Just be sure that you make absolutely sure that she's listening. You might even have to get one of her friends to help you out there to make sure.

Him: I like some of the other marriage proposal ideas more, but I'm sure this one would surprise her as well.

Her: I'd agree that this proposal idea just doesn't get me as much as some of the others, but that doesn't mean that it wouldn't be perfect for another girl.

80. Go to a hotel (talk to manager first) and have the manager say "newly engaged couples get a free upgrade to our suite or deluxe" and then say, "well, in that case, will you marry me?"

This one is already explained pretty well. It's a cute way to pop the question, and you can always throw a party at the hotel later (invite friends and relatives and throw an engagement party by renting out a ballroom, banquet, or party room there).

Him: I like the idea of having others over for an engagement party right then and there - probably a total shocker to her (better be sure she says yes, though).

Her: Some girls would love this marriage proposal idea with all the attention of having others over, but you should hopefully know if your loved one is one of them.

81. At a place like Medieval Times (knights joust and put on a show for people eating at their restaurant) or another dinner show, ask the workers ahead of time if they can help you out anyway with your marriage proposal idea and see what they can do.

With this marriage proposal idea, you could eat at a place like Medieval Times and work it out with the workers so that perhaps your girlfriend is called down to be the princess or queen (which they usually do at most shows) and then see if you can be waiting for her somewhere or be her "king" or "knight." The possibilities are endless here.

Him: If the two of you were into that sort of thing, this would be a great marriage proposal idea and a great way to have an audience!

Her: This would definitely be better for some women versus others, but it could be very exciting and memorable for some.

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