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Marriage Proposal Ideas Page 19

74. Bake cookies in the shape of "marry me?"

This one might be more relevant if the two of you bake a lot. You could bake cookies, or pretty much anything, in the shape of your proposal and wait for them to come out (and hope it comes out right).

Him: In most cases I can't see this being too personal or special as some of the other marriage proposal ideas.

Her: I also agree here as well, but it might be relevant or more special if you are baking these cookies for something else like a wedding or what not and then all of a sudden you're surprised with your own proposal.

75. Go for a nice walk (gardens) then toss a coin in the wishing well and when she asks what you wished for, say "we'll see if it comes true" and ask her to marry you there.

This one is explained fairly well above. The two of you could go for a walk through a nice place with a wishing well or other pond or fountain and you'd make your wish there and wait for her to ask what it was.

Him: If the setting was really beautiful, I'd like this marriage proposal idea. Otherwise, I'm not too sure.

Her: Try to maybe find some city gardens or something that looks romantic and make your marriage proposal happen there if you go with this one.

76. Stay up late at night under the stars (perhaps a meteor shower night?) and wait for you both to see a shooting star and then say "well, let's see if my wish comes true."

This is very similar to the above proposal idea, but you could even do things like set up a romantic dinner outside with candles and the like and wait for the meteor shower to happen.

Him: Sounds like this marriage proposal idea would sure set the mood right.

Her: The candlelight dinner outside would be a very romantic touch. I kind of like this marriage proposal idea actually...

77. Have a diver at an underwater observatory hold up a note to a glass window asking the question while you look on.

There are lots of underwater observatories/aquariums that you could go to, and I'm sure you could get a diver/worker to help you out here and hold up a note asking your loved one to marry you (be sure to give him/her a tip for doing this, though). She definitely wouldn't see it coming!

Him: I bet this marriage proposal idea actually wouldn't be too hard to pull off, and it would definitely get the attention of the crowd!

Her: I'm sure everyone around you would look onto the two of you with excitement and wait to see what she says. Besides that, this is a pretty clever idea all by itself!

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