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Marriage Proposal Ideas Page 17

66. Have the kids at a dance/musical/play do the proposal message for you.

This is especially good if you are a teacher or have kids together. You can easily get all the kids involved (just speak to the teacher) and have them spell out a proposal message or work it into the skit some other way.

Him: I'd personally prefer to do something a little more personal and between the two of you, but this would be a great way to show your love off to everyone in the audience if that was your personality.

Her: This would probably only work for a select few individuals, but I'm sure some would love the idea.

67. Have kids in a classroom or school help with the proposal if your loved one is a teacher or works there.

Here's one specifically for teachers and school workers. You could set something up ahead of time and get all the kids to help you out with just about anything (whether it's in the classroom or on a field trip). You'd have to talk to other teachers/workers to help out, but I'm sure they'd be more than willing.

Him: I like this one better than the previous one, as you can do a lot more with it.

Her: I'm sure all the co-workers and other teachers would love to see something like this happen, and it's always fun to get others involved in it. The kids will love it too.

68. Go on a treasure hunt with a treasure map (hide clues or small gifts to keep them guessing or maybe trick them by making what they think will be last a cruise or a trip together).

You could devise a treasure hunt with clues and everything and lead her from one clue to the next. You could have the ending part be either a proposal or a trip where you'd propose to her on.

Him: This sounds similar to the metal detector idea, but you don't need the equipment and can customize it a bit more. I like that.

Her: If done well, this could be a really memorable thing the two of you could do.

69. Have a bunch of small gifts in ring boxes or other small boxes for any gift-giving occasion to keep them guessing and then at the end give them the real one.

With this one, if your loved one suspects a proposal coming up during a birthday, Christmas, etc., you can get a few gifts that look like they could be a ring (but make them something else) to shoot down her ideas and then at the very end bring out a real one.

Him: Sounds a bit too bland. I think a proposal should be more than just a gift, but this might work for some.

Her: I'd agree with that, but if there was something else planned along with this, it would make it a better idea.

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