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Marriage Proposal Ideas Page 26

102. Fly your proposal message on the back of a remote control plane.

If you don't have the budget (like many of us) to afford a real plane with a banner flying behind it, you could always jokingly buy a remote control plane (cheap ones are between $20 and $40 at any Target or Walmart store) and make your own banner. You could even go to your special place together and have a friend fly the plane for you as you point it out to her, or you could figure out a way to fly it yourself and surprise her that way too.

Him: A clever way to possibly earn more points, and more laughs, than even if you got a real plane to do that! The hard part would be finding the right time and place.

Her: It would sure bring her a lot of laughs if you pulled this marriage proposal idea off right. If the two of you were the right kind of couple, she would find this marriage proposal not only hilarious, but probably really cute. I think it would be a great proposal idea if you found a way to have this flying around after a romantic day and after settling down at an evening picnic somewhere.

103. Go on a special horse and carriage ride.

This is a classic one that is often overlooked. A nice horse and carriage ride, which you can easily find in a phone book or in many cities, to a romantic spot can be a very memorable thing to do. You could even make it into a fairytale setting or visit a few places that the two of you had memories at. Visiting your "special" place along this journey would be another great way to propose with this.

Him: I don't like a horse and carriage ride all by itself, but if you make it extra special by making it more personal and going by special locations that the two of you have memories in, this can be an excellent idea.

Her: I would have to agree with the above statement - you still want to make it personal and not just any old horse and carriage ride. A fairytale setting would also be a great thing to try for some women. You could even propose at a spot ahead of time and have a horse and carriage waiting to take you to a hotel room you rented for the night.

104. Name a star after her or the two of you at a special location of yours for your marriage proposal.

This is a great marriage proposal idea to combine with any proposal idea out there. There are several sites out there (do a search for "name a star") where you can purchase your own star and have it be named after you or anything else (but you don't even have to have it really "official" if you don't want - it can just be between the two of you and you can save $30 to $50). Once you have your marriage proposal plan and end up at your special proposal spot, have a specific star either pointed out or written down on a map chart so the two of you can find it. She'll be confused as to what you're doing, but that's part of the fun. Then say some sweet words about how you wanted that star to always represent the two of you and how it will always mark the spot that you proposed to her (before you propose, of course, so this will be a shock to her). Your sweet words can be about how you want the internal flame to symbolize your love for her and how warm and special she makes you feel (be creative), or how you wanted something that the two of you could always look up and see if you ever missed one another. Then be down on one knee with the ring right before she's done looking through a pair of binoculars or a telescope. The star will always be something that the two of you can view either from your special spot or another, and if you purchase an official one (which you'll probably need a telescope to see anyway), you can have a picture or star chart framed somewhere at your home.

Him: This marriage proposal idea is very customizable and would be easy to combine with tons of other marriage proposal ideas. It's definitely something where a little planning can go a long way.

Her: I think it would be a blast to try to find your "special" star by using a star chart. You could even give her this as a gift and then later at your special spot say that you wanted it to always be seen over the spot where you proposed to her (to surprise her).

Be Unique and Creative and make it Personal!

The take home message here is plain and simple. Remember that adding parts of any of these marriage proposal ideas together or with other marriage proposal ideas can truly make for an amazing marriage proposal. Take some time to sit down and just think about what she'd (or he'd) like the most and what the two of you would most remember 10, 20, or even 50 years from now!

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