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Marriage Proposal Ideas Page 18

70. Sell your marriage proposal on ebay and get her to bid on it as a joke (and hope no one else bids higher!).

You could jokingly put a marriage proposal up on ebay and somehow let her notice it and see if she bids on it.

Him: By itself, I'm not too sure if I like the idea, but if it got the attention of a lot of people, it would make it more special and memorable.

Her: Better hope she bids on it! But for the most part, I'd agree that this would be a risky one to do as it might not be as special as you think if things don't go according to plan.

71. Write your proposal on a large cardboard or poster board on the back of a boat while your loved one is tubing or water skiing.

This is another one that's pretty straight forward. If the two of you are out on a boat and she's tubing or water skiing, you could propose to her while on the boat. However, you could also do a two person tube and have a friend hold out the proposal for the two of you as well.

Him: I like the idea of the two person tube, as she'd be right next to you during an exciting moment, and the friends would be in on it too.

Her: I'd agree with the two person tube idea as well. However, if she was water skiing by herself, you could always throw her off if she says no (just kidding...).

72. Write the proposal on a sailboat sail while you are out (can be on different sailboats).

If the two of you sailboat a lot, this one might be a good idea for you. You could unravel a sail or message asking for her hand in marriage on a lake or the seas.

Him: This would probably only be good if the two of you sailed a lot or if you met while sailing or something like that.

Her: I'd completely agree, as otherwise it might be a bit too random.

73. Write it on an "official" license plate (on a new car).

With this one, you could write something like "Mrry Me" or the like on a license plate on a new car the two of you got or if it's a gift to her.

Him: I don't really like this one, as I don't see what makes it too special or personal.

Her: Unless it's a car that the two of you always talked about or if there's more to it, I'd personally stay away from this one (besides, you wouldn't want to be driving around with that plate for a few years).

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