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Marriage Proposal Ideas Page 16

62. Have your proposal written in invisible ink right before going to a place with ultraviolet lights (bowling alleys, nightclubs, etc.).

This is an idea if you want to surprise her with your proposal when she randomly sees your message written on yourself or something else when the two of you go to a nightclub, bowling alley, or any other place that might have ultraviolet lights.

Him: I'm not too sure if the places that have ultraviolet lights would be the best places to propose for most people...

Her: I'd agree - there would definitely have to be something special about the place for you to propose there.

63. Have your proposal written on boxers/underwear.

This one might be better for a woman proposing to a man (but it could still work the other way around). You could have half of the message on the front and the other half on the back or a woman could even use a bra to finish part of the message. There are lots of places where you could get such a message customized on either of these.

Him: I'd agree that this is definitely something that would probably work better for a woman to do, and it would be very erotic!

Her: This sounds like a cute little idea for a woman to propose, but if I were her, I'd try to also add more to it to make it special and personal (then again, I'm sure the guy would be pleased enough seeing you with something like that on!).

64. Have your proposal shaved (like "marry me?") "down there" (for women) or have it written on with chocolate and whip cream.

This is another one that's definitely more of one that a woman can do for proposing to a guy. Although shaving down there might be a little hard to do, you could even work something out with chocolate and whip cream spelling out the message.

Him: Very erotic ... might not be too personal, but very erotic and sexy indeed (definitely something only for some individuals over others).

Her: Cute idea and definitely a good way to get his attention. But as with the last one, I'd do a little more in addition to this to make it extra special.

65. Have a proposal message set up at the end of an obstacle course (set one up in a gym or written in foam or a ball pit).

This one might take a little work, as you could have little obstacles with little messages hidden throughout an entire gym, for instance, and then have your proposal at the very end.

Him: I think for the amount of work, some of the other ones might be better off spending your time at. You'd also have to rent out the place probably.

Her: I'd agree that unless there's something special to a specific gym or obstacle course, most people might like something else better.

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