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Marriage Proposal Ideas Page 6

20. Have your special proposal message written on food.

With this marriage proposal idea, you could have your waiter/waitress bring out a plate with your marriage proposal written on it. You could also do this on a cake or lots of other ways.

Him: Personally, I don't really like this marriage proposal. Seems too simple.

Her: I'd also agree, but I'm sure there are clever ways to pull it off.

21. Have your marriage proposal on a computer.

You could make a custom screen saver or a fake virus (there are free downloads where you can get a fake virus to write a personalized message) with your message on it. Imagine the computer going into screen saver mode with your message on it (or even a slideshow and then your message at the end), or a virus threatening to infect your computer unless they said yes.

Him: This would be funny, but probably not too personal for some (great if the two of you are techies or in this field).

Her: If either of you worked in a computer-related field, this could be really cute. Otherwise, it might be a bit "random."

22. Have a scavenger hunt for puzzle pieces asking to marry you or a poem asking it.

You could send your loved one on a scavenger hunt for puzzle pieces that would piece together a marriage proposal (or even a poem asking it). You could even hide each piece in a special place (who says it has to be around the house - you can make a day out of it!).

Him: I like the part where you can hide pieces all over and make a day out of it. It would be great to go over past memories that way while searching for the pieces. Click this link to see a site that specializes in marriage proposal puzzles.

Her: I'd agree here. By itself, It might not be too personal, but when you add in the scavenger hunt around places you two have a history, that makes it extra sweet and special!

23. Send your loved ones flowers with a card and then wait outside either in a limo or ready to go out to eat or on a short trip/vacation.

With this idea you can either have a proposal written on the card that the flowers are with (and then at the end telling her to come outside), or you could have a message saying to come out for a special surprise. Then when she meets you outside, you could have a limo ready to take you out to a special dinner (or even just go on a nice little trip together - even if just for a night or two).

Him: There are a ton of ways to personalize this, even though the basic idea sounds like a classic.

Her: The limo isn't what would make it special, it would be the personalization and how the guy puts it all together in the end.

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