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Marriage Proposal Ideas Page 5

16. Have office/co-workers in on it (hers or yours).

There are several things you could do with this one. Not only could you have her co-workers in on it, for example, by having them (or a boss) tell her she has to go on a business trip or go somewhere and then you appear at her hotel or in her hotel room (you could set it up with the hotel as well), but you could also do several other things where you could incorporate her co-workers on it. If your loved one was a firefighter, cop, etc., you could have even more fun incorporating all of them in on it (or even if you have a friend that is a cop or firefighter, it would be easy to create several jokes and turn it into a funny proposal if that's your type).

Him: I like this idea, as it has endless possibilities and personalization, and it for sure would be a funny story that you could tell others! Planning it would also be a blast.

Her: This idea, if done right, would be a great one! But you'd have to be sure to really plan it out and think of the most clever idea possible (maybe through a little romance in on top of that).

17. In a plane, helicopter, or hot air balloon looking down at writing on the ground asking her to marry you.

This one is pretty straight forward. Have a fun or romantic ride in the air and have the writing down on the ground.

Him: Sounds fun, but getting the writing done might be hard!

Her: It would be funny to all of a sudden see a proposal written in the ground that you weren't suspecting, but I'd agree that getting writing that big might be a bit tough!

18. Have it written on a banner or in clouds on a plane.

This is one of the more classics: have the proposal message written in the clouds or on a banner carried by a plane. Maybe have it so it can be seen while standing in your "special place."

Him: Sounds like a classic one, but I'd try to add a bit more to it.

Her: If it was all pulled off, I'd agree that this would be a classic, but I'd also agree that this would be great to have in addition to something else (like a romantic trip, for instance).

19. Have it written in stones while underwater scuba diving or snorkeling.

This is fairly straight forward as well. You could align stones in a special message where you know you two will be snorkeling or scuba diving.

Him: I'm thinking an exotic vacation would be a nice way to pull this one off!

Her: I'd agree with the vacation idea. It would be extra special if snorkeling or scuba diving was something the two of you did a lot, as it would be more personalized.

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