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Marriage Proposal Ideas Page 14

53. Propose in a shark cage with sharks nearby.

If the two of you have access to a tourist area near the ocean, you can probably find a place that takes you out and puts you in a shark cage. Since her senses will already be really high due to the sharks around, it might be the perfect time to pop the question. You could even somehow have your message underneath some bait (talk to the owners bringing you out ahead of time) so when the bait falls off, she'll see it.

Him: Sounds a bit hard (or should I say a "bite" hard) to pull off, but sure sounds like it might be scary and exciting.

Her: Not exactly romantic, but if the two of you did something like this when you first met, it might be more relevant and fun way to pull it off. Sounds like a lot of work and planning to make it just right.

54. Propose while rock climbing and have your ring out when you reach the top (or as a joke suspend her in the air until she answers).

You could pick out a proposal spot on top of the cliff or wherever you are rock climbing. If you are at more of a recreational place, you could suspend her in the air until she answers as a joke as well.

Him: Proposing at the top of a cliff or mountain would be a great place, but I'd imagine that only a select few could pull this off or even climb one!

Her: That's definitely a good idea (I don't really like the recreational place idea with suspending her in the air, though) if the two of you do this often or if you are even capable of climbing. If you aren't climbers, you could always hike up such a place and propose at the top as well.

55. Have a pilot drop a box with a parachute with a note inside asking your loved one's hand in marriage (or have a friend drop it from a tall building).

This one might be harder to pull off, but imagine going on a nice walk and all of a sudden seeing a small box parachuting down to the ground - the two of you could try chasing it only for her to eventually find a marriage proposal inside.

Him: If you have the resources and can pull it off, I like the idea of going for a walk with this.

Her: This sounds like it might almost be harder than it's actually worth, but maybe it works for some.

56. Ask while the two of you are in a glider plane flying (or even have it written in a field if you want).

There are several places that charge a nominal (under $200) fee to take two people up in a small glider plane. Most of these places even allow you to fly it by yourself with the instructor next to you. You could propose in the plane and just ask there, or you could have it written on a field below.

Him: If you can pull off having it written in a field, this would be the best. And trust me, anyone can fly these planes - it's not just for experts.

Her: Flying a plane/glider would be really exciting, but even more exciting when you fly over your own proposal message below!

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