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Marriage Proposal Ideas Page 10

37. Create a photo book of memories and ask her hand in marriage on the last page.

If you aren't tech savvy with a DVD or a movie, you could simply try to put together a special photo book of the two of you with past memories ... maybe even throw in a few poems or something? Then at the very end, create a clever page asking her for her hand in marriage and how she means the world to you.

Him: I prefer the DVD to this, but if I was less tech savvy, I would definitely somehow incorporate this idea into a marriage proposal, as it's a great keepsake!

Her: Even if this wasn't for a proposal, a photo book of memories would be very sweet of a guy to make! And don't hesitate to throw in the poems or sweet nothings!

38. Have dozens of ring boxes with one really having a real ring in it and have her search for it (you can have memories written on paper inside the other ring boxes).

You could buy a bulk lot of ring boxes (try to make them unique - maybe get heart-shaped or flower-shaped ring boxes) and hide special notes inside each of them. Perhaps have it having a reason why you love her? Then have one of the boxes contain the real engagement ring.

Him: I like the idea of putting little notes in each one, but wouldn't this be a bit obvious?

Her: This would definitely make her know that a proposal is coming, but if she already knows that, it would be a clever little thing to do!

39. Have a big scavenger hunt on vacation and propose at the end.

This is a much larger version of the scavenger hunt idea previously stated. With this idea, you'll hide clues that will lead you two to the airport, certain cities, a hotel, sites to see, and then finally to your proposal spot (make it special). This is a clever one, as she will probably think that the vacation itself is the surprise and not see it coming!

Him: Definitely a proposal for those who are already planning on a vacation or who have the extra money!

Her: It would be such a shock to be led on a scavenger hunt and be surprised with a vacation along the way (how exciting!). The proposal and ring would make it even more exciting and definitely memorable.

40. Have your proposal written somewhere at a new house or apartment.

If the two of you are moving into a new house or an apartment, you could go to it ahead of time and have a message hidden/written somewhere (perhaps have a special message on it or poem). Then when the two of you go to it (make her think it's your first time there too after you bought/rented it), you'll naturally look around and she'll discover it. You could even write a special poem about how you not only want to settle in your new place with her, but that you want to settle down with her for the rest of your life too.

Him: Clever poem at the end, but this would probably only apply to a select few.

Her: The poem would be the way to make it extra special!

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