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Marriage Proposal Ideas Page 11

41. Have a proposal written in your own backyard, perhaps on a tree or in a garden somewhere.

This idea would probably only be good if you just put in a tree or a garden (or if you just moved), but having a message in a garden or written on a tree might be an easy way for you always to remember the original proposal.

Him: I personally don't like this marriage proposal idea as much as the others, but it might work for some.

Her: I'd agree, but it might be more relevant if the two of you just put in a fancy garden or a gazebo or something else that the two of you worked on.

42. Propose at a gazebo late at night while dancing to music.

This is especially fun and memorable if it's raining! You can easily get the music from a boombox or any other source like that. Several towns have their own gazebos, and the scenery around them is often quite beautiful. A nice little set-up (even a picnic or dinner already set up) might at a little more touch of romance.

Him: If you found a gazebo in the right area, this could be a very romantic marriage proposal.

Her: I like the picnic/dinner proposal idea thrown in on top of this. I'd make sure to be extra picky when it came to a public place versus a more secluded place (you should probably know her well enough to know which one she'd like most).

43. Create a website for the two of you and have little links to reason why you love her and have photos of the two of you.

People always do searches for themselves on Google or Yahoo, so why not create a website with a proposal message and add tons of photos and sweet nothings on it??? Then submit your website to the search engines and have your loved one's name be the keyword (do searches on Google to do free search engines). It would be quite the surprise for her, as you could jokingly enter your name and search and I'm sure she'd want to do her name as well.

Him: This would be a really great marriage proposal idea if you had the tech savvy to do all of this, but I can tell you from experience that it's very easy to learn if you take the time to try (there are even several "do-it-yourself" websites for free if you are absolutely clueless).

Her: This sounds like a very unique proposal idea and it could work out very nicely, especially if either of you are in the computer-field or if either of you browse the internet a lot (even if neither of you do, it's still a clever idea).

44. Bury a proposal (or ring if you're careful) in a metal box underground and search for it with a metal detector.

With this one, you can make your own treasure hunt with a map and everything! Or you could just do a random fun "search" of a beach or other area near you. Even if you don't have a metal detector, you can buy cheap ones from $50 to $100. A treasure hunt would sure be fun and memorable!

Him: Clever ... and fun! Not too much of a romantic marriage proposal, but a lot of fun and you could probably make it romantic if you get creative enough!

Her: I would never have thought of this marriage proposal idea as being a good idea, but come to think of it, I would probably love this personally!

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