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Free Marriage Proposal Ideas

Don't make the common mistake of spending hundreds on an "average" marriage proposal idea when you could have a one-of-a-kind marriage proposal idea that your loved one will always remember and treasure, and that you could do for anywhere from $0 to $50! Our 100+ Marriage Proposal Ideas Guide is absolutely FREE.

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Did you know that the vast majority of women think that their marriage proposals could have been better, or more romantic? It's such a common occurrence that a loved one will spend hundreds and hundreds of dollars on a marriage proposal, yet it will lack that special something that the two of you are about. With just a little more thought, and perhaps a few sparks of creativity, a unique, creative, and personal marriage proposal idea can be something that your loved one will always cherish and treasure!


"Over 85% of women claim that their proposals were not as good as they had always wished for."


Some people don't give much thought to their marriage proposals, while others spend hundreds of dollars on it and still aren't able to make their proposal much better. The key is to be creative and make your marriage proposal idea something that the two of you will remember forever!

I couldn't tell you how many people have asked me if I thought taking their loved one to a fancy restaurant and a nice hotel was the perfect marriage proposal idea. I've been shocked to not only see how many people think of the same thing, but even more so about how easily I've been able to help them and create the perfect proposal!

I have put together over 100 of the best marriage proposal ideas that can easily be combined, customized, or personalized to make the perfect, most unique marriage proposal idea for the two of you. Each idea is followed up in detail of how it could be pulled off, as well as extra suggestions. Then to top it off, each proposal idea is followed by the opinion of a man and then a woman to get both perspectives! I promise you won't find any other collection of marriage proposal ideas that is better or more thorough!


"This is a great guide full of tons of excellent proposal ideas. I couldn't imagine how easy it was to create a unique proposal that was a hundred times better than what I was originally going to do. Thanks for all your help!" Mike, CA


There are tons of little things you can do to make any marriage proposal idea more special and more romantic. These marriage proposal ideas are not only great by themselves, but they are designed so that they can be easily put together with almost any other idea. By the time you're done reading this guide, you're not only sure to find several proposal ideas that would be perfect to work with, but you're sure to have several creative ideas spark in your own head.

I've known tons of people who put a lot of time and money into their marriage proposal ideas, and who really mean well, yet their ideas lack that something special going the extra mile. After reading this guide, or consulting with us, they not only realize how their original idea could be improved upon, but they realize how they can start thinking creatively and making a proposal that much more special and memorable.

All of these individual proposal ideas are followed by a thorough explanation and advice on how to either personalize each idea or improve upon the existing idea. The perspectives and opinions of both a man and a woman afterwards is yet another great way to see what both of the sexes might think of the idea.

We promise you that you'll be able to find several marriage proposal ideas that will work for you.

Believe me, I've seen other sites with horrible proposal ideas -- one even suggested that a nice dinner was all that was needed. I've seen books in the library with old fashioned ideas, as well as proposal services for $150 or more. And guess what? I can promise you that they aren't anywhere near the quality of what you'll see here. They're either one liners (like "have a nice picnic" or "propose to her on a boat") or they're stories of other people's proposals that probably aren't practical for you. Not only are the one liners obvious (and usually bad), but even the stories aren't the best idea in that even if you find a few good ones (and believe me, most of them are nothing that I'd be proud of), you don't want to copy something that has already been done. These proposal ideas in our guide are designed so that you can easily modify them (we even tell you how), or you can easily combine several ideas with others or into your existing idea. On top of that, we're the only guide that we know of that has the opinion of both a man and a woman for each idea. And we have several ideas that would work for a woman proposing to a man (it's not as uncommon as you think these days!). When I first started a marriage proposal website, I soon learned how easy it was to help everyone and how easy it was to create a proposal idea for under $10 that would blow away a $5,000 proposal!

And best of all, our marriage proposal ideas guide is absolutely free. You can also read through our marriage proposal ideas website and find out how you can also improve upon any marriage proposal ideas you might already have. We have tons of free advice and ideas stored on this website.


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We promise to go the extra mile to help you out with your marriage proposal ideas. If you have any questions, feel free to send us an e-mail at

"We hope that you enjoy our free marriage proposal guide, and we hope that you let us assist you in any possible way."

Kindest Regards,

-- Brian and Julia, authors of 100+ Marriage Proposal Ideas

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"What terrific proposal ideas you had! Your ideas and advice really helped me to create the perfect proposal!"

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