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Some deals, coupons, and savings from Mondera -- We will beat any deal out there

Read below on how to save an additional $25 to $100 on top of any coupon you see below or more off from any of our links below. Feel free to also browse around our site. We will beat any deal out there!

We also have other diamond deals by clicking here.

Mondera: $100 off on Loose Diamonds over $2,750 -- Save $100 on your loose diamond with a purchase of $2,750 or more with their design your own ring feature. You must click the link, hit okay, and enter the code that will pop-up at checkout to get this deal. You can take advantage of additional savings of $25 to $200+ on top of this by contacting us at or using the contact us link at the bottom as well. Mondera is also a respected diamond jewelry website, and they also offer free shipping and at least 30 day returns.

Or use this for non-diamond purchases: Mondera: 10% off everything else.

Remember to e-mail us (or use the form below under "contact us") and we can tell you how to save an additional $25 to $100 on a purchase from Mondera or any of our featured links. We also have some other special bonuses too if you contact us.

Feel free to also contact me (Brian) via my cell phone at 608-516-2970 for quick assistance.

"Wow! Thanks for saving me so much money and helping me getting a better diamond for $900 less than the lesser one I was already looking at!"

-Tim, PA

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